Prehistory of the Alor-Pantar Languages

Origins of the Alor-Pantar Languages</a> (2009-2016) is an NSF-funded project which seeks to unravel the linguistic prehistory of the non-Austronesian (Papuan) languages the of Alor-Pantar archipelago of southeastern Indonesia. This international project, conducted under the aegis of the European Science Foundation EuroBABEL programme, has vastly increased our knowledge of the previously under-documented Alor-Pantar language family. A volume of papers detailing the results of this project was published in 2014 (revised 2017) as The Alor-Pantar Languages: History and Typology</a> (Marian Klamer, ed.). This volume was published through Language Sciences Press, a new open-access, peer-reviewed venue; hence, the individual papers can be freely downloaded.